About Me

Hey there – I’m Tim.

This is my blog, which means that it really is just a place where I post my musings on topics that interest me. Hopefully I’ll be devoting more time to this in the future, but I have to get the ball rolling somehow.

My interests are pretty vast, and there are few things that I would not want to learn. I studied Economics and Government in college, with a lot of coursework in Political Philosophy, so I’ll often post about topics in these directions. If I had had a longer and less expensive collegiate experience, I would have stayed for a few more years and probably studied engineering, computer science, astronomy, and physics. I’ll post on all of these things as time permits. Some of the issues that are most interesting me at present are the nexus of money and politics, policy evolution in the context of new technologies, and individual rights (largely due to some of the police and privacy issues we are seeing in recent years). I also love space exploration and transportation.

I’ve been consulting for the last couple of years, learning the business of business, while paying off some of my hefty student loan balances. Mostly, I have tried to work in industries that “make stuff”, so companies like industrials and healthcare rather than consumer products. I have a bit of a distaste for industries that to be seem superfluous (luxury goods), and have always wanted to at least focus my effort on solving problems that really matter and can help people and our economies improve.

In the fall, I’ll be going to law school: the next step in my intellectual journey, which I hope will bring a lot of these topics together. Wish me luck!

Life is opinion.