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So, it’s been over a year since I last posted or wrote something for the blog. I’ve been procrastinating. There has been a lot happening – trying to figure out my next step (school), continuing to work, etc. – but that’s no reason for it to have fallen as much by the wayside as it has.

However, with recent discussions I have had, it is clear that I need to write more and document more. Day after day, each of us has good discussions and good debates, but much is lost if the thoughts are not chronicled in some format – otherwise, they fade. Hopefully, this site can help me to organize and expand on my own thinking, and continue to develop as a writer.

I’ve now relaunched this and started to “brand” it. I have a domain, server, and all that fun stuff, and am exploring the possibilities of WordPress – although my challenge will be to stop wasting too much time formatting it and try to get some content created. I am not expecting to have any readers, but maybe there will be some. Hiatus over.