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Net Neutrality


Wanted to pass along this interesting piece that breaks down what the recent net neutrality decision might mean for music services.

The decision is quite disappointing, and I hope the FCC is able to fight against the headwinds to reassert control over the internet. Categorizing the internet as anything other than common carriage makes no sense.

This article has a number of great points, including that competition doesn’t exist for ISPs (there’s a reason that they are among the !most hated companies…), so the market won’t be able to reflect consumer preferences for an internet that treats content equally. Smaller internet companies will suffer as they cannot compete on tolling arrangements with ISPs, leading to less innovation, worse choices for consumers, and higher prices (if the ISP gets to print a nickel, where do you think it comes from?).

Really disheartening decision. Pretty good example of lobbying dollars used yo increase rents to normal folks on the internet. Hopefully the internet will soon be recategorized as a utility, which it surely is.

Will write more later.